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What We Do


Act Productions.

Connecting with Audiences Everywhere Through Inspired Visual Storytelling

A Creative
Video Communications Company

ACT Productions Inc. - since 1989, is an Ottawa-based Video Communications Company creating cultural and artistic products to inform, share and empower. Inspired to bring joy, harmony, and dignity to humans and our planet, ACT has created “THERE’S NOTHING TO EAT- THE GREEN COOKING SHOW (TGCS)™,” “GAINING A VOICE,” “MUSIC MONDO,” “CHRISTMAS MOSAIC,” “THE ABDUCTION.”

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Our team works with you to find the best method for reaching your clients. We gather information from diverse sources and consolidate this information to shape it into a cohesive communications strategy.

What We Do

Design & Write

Once we have the strategy,  ACT’s writers/designers determine the best format to shape this strategy. Formats can vary from live-action videos, animated videos, dance pieces, documentaries, live theatre, poetry, etc., and delivered on the platform of your choosing.

Execute & Produce

No matter how well designed/written the format, its only as good as its execution. ACT hires the best professionals to operate the latest technical equipment and casts the best actors/directors to deliver the impact you want to your market base. 

Do you want people to notice your company?

Do you want people to know about your company’s products and services?

Is your company reaching the right audiences for your products and services?


We can help.  


Our team will research, design, write and execute the right communications strategy to reach your audience.

ACT will work within your budget to effectively communicate your products and services to your audience.

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Angelina Cacciato
CEO & Executive Producer

Angelina has been producing, writing, and directing for over 30 years. She
founded and directed theatre companies in Ottawa and Toronto, The SunDay
Company and The Recycle Players. She’s written, directed, and produced short
videos in Ottawa and Toronto. One video series GAINING A VOICE has been
shown with major broadcasters in Canada. In music, she’s produced Christmas
songs featuring the voices and two young boys and she’s captured one of the
only videos of the late Dario Domingues, an award-winning singer in Germany
and well known for combining Argentinian and western rhythms. Angelina was a
member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada, holds an Honors B.A. from York
University and a B.Ed from the University of Toronto.

Meet the Team

Sonia BW 1.jpg
Sonia Jacquez

Sonia’s experience in video and film productions includes many roles in the capacity of producer. She has acted as Managing Producer and Line Producer on many projects and handled a broad range of responsibilities, including reviewing and approval of legally binding contracts and negotiations, small to large budgets and line production duties, new client acquisitions, creative content development, casting, set design, styling, and light hair and makeup. She has worked with notable companies and names on both coasts of the USA and successfully produced remotely in Mexico and Canada.

Zane BW 1.jpg
Zane Twobe
Creative Director

Zane Twobe has worked in the creative field of Television Production for over 30 years.  He has extensive experience as a director, writer, editor and music composer.

His numerous awards include New York Film Festival Gold, Gemini, Golden Reel and Creative Hermes Awards. His work has been seen in TV productions in over 50 countries worldwide and on all major North American television networks.

Our Clients

Dark Kidney Effort, New York City,

TV Ontario,
Vision TV, Access Alberta,
The Knowledge Network,
Energy Mines and Resources Canada,
Churches in Ontario and Alberta
Conference of Bishops, Canada
School Boards in Toronto and Ottawa
Universities in Jammu, Hyderbad and Pondicherry India

Kaleidoscope Council Ottawa
The Media Resources Group Ottawa
Human Trafficking Advisory Group NYC

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613 594 4829

36 Fifth Avenue

K1S 2M4

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