The Interview

THE INTERVIEW PROGRAM is a timeless program that gives you tips on how to present yourself during a media interview. Reporters are human and will bring to the interview their own biases, attitudes, research or lack of research. As the interviewee, you will need to come prepared for these biases and attitudes.  This program has a more structured format. In it, individuals from different community groups were invited to be interviewed by reporters who were asked to take on specific biases, attitudes and knowledge of (or lack there of) the individual/event/issue. These interviews were then taped and presented to a panel of experienced broadcasters who analysed them and commented on whether or not the interviewee got his/her message across. These broadcasters give key points of what to avoid and what to focus on in order for you to give an interview that will focus on your event/story/issue and get your message out to the public. 

Please give yourself 20 to 40 minutes to download this program. There will be  a link sent to your email after you have paid to download the program.  The link will be active for 90 days.