Contacting the Media

CONTACTING THE MEDIA is about connecting with the humans that are part of a media outlet. There is no news story until you have connected with an individual or a news outlet with whom you’ve established some type of rapport.  How do you do that?  How do you connect with these media types in a way that is positive and will ensure that they will want to know about your issue/event/story?  This program tells you about different methods and strategies to contact these news makers. You will hear from people such as Haroon Sidiquii and members of Greenpeace. They explain what works for them and what to avoid. The program will explore the do’s of contacting the media, the effectiveness of news releases, PSA’s, and the Internet.  News reporters will tell you when to contact them and how.

Please give yourself 20 to 40 minutes to download this program. There will be  a link sent to your email after you have paid to download the program.  The link will be active for 90 days.