Gaining A Voice


GAINING A VOICE is an eight part television series on marketing to the traditional news industry in Canada. Produced in 1997, its basic principles in story telling, news gathering, prioritizing news events and shaping news for specific audiences can be used in any platform whether it be social media, the internet and traditional media. Knowing how to work with traditional media will give you and/or your story/issue the attention and public awareness that you just can’t buy or harness even using social media.

In Canada, this series has been broadcast on Vision TV, TVOntario, Knowledge Network in B.C., Access Alberta, and Saskatchewan Communications Network.

Each program deals with a  specific aspect of media relations and marketing. Using case studies and interviewing well known news reporters and tv anchors, viewers gain insights and fundamental understandings on the workings of the media. The eight programs are: THE MEDIA AND US, THE NEWS ROOMS, THE MEDIA CAMPAIGN, THE NEWS STORY, CONTACTING THE MEDIA, TARGETING YOUR AUDIENCE, THE INTERVIEW and TAKING CONTROL.  Each program can be bought separately and comes with detailed notes on the program’s content.