Drama is the stuff of life, conflicts, the urge to overcome difficulties to be the best we can be.  Drama can heighten our awareness of ourselves, our world, our relationships.  The artistic expression of this drama is theatre.

ACT has been working with the theatrical form for over thirty years starting with the SUNDAY COMPANY,, a young company of four women working as community activists and  to bring fun to seniors and children. Hear an interview with them and see excerpts of the play, THE THIRD COMPANION.

The Greeks were the first people to give theatrical expression to drama with the use of character, plot, dialogue, dance and music. Since then theatre has gone through several phases and styles and given playwrights a voice.   STAGE PRODUCTIONS will give you an opportunity to watch adaptations of Chekhov’s THE CHERRY ORCHARD and Shakespeare’s MEASURE FOR MEASURE.

The theatrical tradition in Canada started in 1606. In that year Marc Lescarbot wrote “Le Theatre de Neptune en La Nouvelle-France” and staged it in Indian war canoes to honour  the arrival of French dignitaries at Port Royal.  But it wasn’t until the MAGIC MASK, a drama textbook, written by MARGUERITE DOW, that Canadian teachers felt they had a guide to help them teach drama in the classroom.  Listen to Ms Dow as she describes her own experience of Drama in Canada.