A unique company creating cultural, intellectual and spiritually stimulating products since 1972. These products were inspired by students of all ages, the media, spiritual, theatrical, community and minority groups.

There is something for everyone.  CHRISMAS MOSAIC SONGS  are a collection of European songs celebrating the birth of Jesus. GAINING A VOICE  is a series of programs guiding individuals/community groups on how to gain access to the mainstream media:  MUSIC MONDO Featuring DARIO DOMINGUES, is a tribute to him and his land of birth, Argentina: theatre lovers can watch modern day adaptations of Anton Chekhov’s THE CHERRY ORCHARD  and William Shakespeare’s MEASURE FOR MEASURE; drama students and teachers can hear an interview with the late  Marguerite Dow, pioneer of drama in Canada and  author of THE MAGIC MASK.

More products to come in the near future.

ACT Productions Inc. is based in Ottawa, Canada and was federally incorporated in 1989.

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